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Discover and enjoy the rich morning buffet with fresh, homemade products!
We serve it every day in our new breakfast room in the basement:
Monday - Friday from 7 to 10 am
Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 10.30 am
Price €15.00 per person (if not already included in your rate you can choose to purchase it at the moment with direct payment at the hotel)



Take a seat at our iH Bar on the ground floor of the hotel. Open every day from 5pm to 11pm!


Our hotel has a meeting space for work meetings and business events, on the mezzanine floor. It is possible to book directly by email: fom.centrale@ih-hotels.com


We are Pet-Friendly
Your 4-legged friend is welcome with us! Small and medium-sized animals (max 10kg) are allowed with a supplement of €15 per day. Your stay must be communicated to the reception, we also remember to follow these simple rules for respect for common areas and other hotel guests.


The animal's behavior must be managed by the owner so as not to disturb other guests.

The owner is responsible for all damage caused to other guests by their animal.

The owner is responsible for repairing and/or replacing any stained items damaged by the pet.

Animals are not permitted to access or stay in the areas where food and drinks are served.

Access to the breakfast room, restaurants, bars, terraces and areas where there are food and drink vending machines, be they closed rooms or external areas, is therefore not permitted. (the only exception is guide dogs).

Animals are not allowed in the Meeting Rooms (guide dogs are the only exception).

The use of bed and bath linens for the animal (grooming, bedding or other) is not permitted.

It is not permitted to leave animals free in the hotel, animals are allowed to pass through the other common areas as long as they are always accompanied and are required to use a leash and are equipped with a suitable muzzle, for cats in a special cage.

Animals cannot be left alone in the rooms during the stay (day or night). It is not permitted to let the animal climb onto beds, armchairs, chairs, tables etc. (both in the room and in the common areas).

In the common areas (Lobby, Breakfast room; Restaurant room) animals cannot be held.


The items to be washed and ironed must be perfectly intact and in excellent condition, must be delivered by 9:00am and will be returned the following working day.
Please note: the total number of items must be specified; in the absence of information, the count carried out by the hotel staff will be considered valid.
The hotel is not responsible for shrinkage or discoloration of the garments.
The service is not active on Sundays and holidays.


The hotel has a space completely dedicated to fitness (on the -1 floor). Equipped with modern Technogym equipment, it is equipped with 4 machines: treadmill, unica, bike and synchro, a bench and shoulder rest, mat for floor and abdominal exercises and dumbbells of various weights. The environment is air conditioned and equipped with a water dispenser and a wall-mounted TV tuned to the best music channels. Furthermore, thanks to the official Tecnhogym App you enter the world of 100% fitness thanks to the Mywellnes system of personalized, easy and fast connection: all machines are equipped with a QR Code which facilitates access to specific training programs.

  • 24 hour opening hours
  • Free for internal guests
  • Free admission
  • Face towels available
  • Water available


  • The Management does not assume responsibility in the event of discomfort linked to a precarious state of health or improper use of the equipment.
  • The Management declines any direct and indirect responsibility deriving from the improper use of the environments and equipment.
  • For hygienic reasons, the use of a towel on the equipment is mandatory.
  • Access to the gym is permitted with normal gym clothing and sneakers with clean soles.
  • After use, the equipment must be cleaned with the disinfectants made available.
  • Always put tools back in their place after use.
  • Children under the age of 14 can only access if accompanied by a parent.
  • It is recommended to stay inside the facility only for the time necessary to complete the training program.
  • The Management declines any responsibility for objects left unattended.
  • It is forbidden to consume food in the gym.
  • Notify Management promptly in case of equipment failures.
  • It is forbidden to move the equipment and the relative arrangement of the machinery.




The room KEY must be kept carefully. In case of loss or theft of your room key, notify our Reception Staff immediately.

The room key must be returned upon departure and must not be left in the room. When exiting, make sure the door is closed. If desired, you can use the internal safety lock on the handle.

CHECK-OUT time is scheduled for 11:00, but if you need more time, do not hesitate to contact us. To avoid waiting at the time of Check-out, it is advisable to provide the Reception Staff with the billing data in advance. Do not leave valuables in sight or luggage unattended during check-in/out operations.

The LUGGAGE STORAGE service is available free of charge 24 hours a day.
For all information we are available directly on WhtasApp (+39) 02 76022882 or by calling from the room landline with key 9.

Medical Assistance: to receive information on the Emergency Room and for the medical assistance service, contact the Reception with the key 9 from the room phone or via Whatsapp.

Emergency: in the event of a fire, check the quickest escape route on the plan located on the room door. The use of the lift in this case is prohibited.


Il telecomando della Tv è disponibile presso la Reception.

Fate riferimento alla lista canali in camera.
1: Rai 1
2: Rai 2
3: Rai 3
4: Rete 4 HD
5: Canale 5 HD
6: Italia 1
HD 7: LA7
8: TV8
10: Canale locale
11: Canale locale
12: Canale locale
13: Canale locale
14: Canale locale
15: Canale locale
16: Canale locale
17: Canale locale
18: Canale locale
19: Canale locale
20: 20 Mediaset
21: Rai 4
22: IRIS
23: Rai 5
24: Rai Movie
25: Rai Premium
26: Cielo
27: Paramount Network
28: TV 2000
29: LA7D
30: La5
31: Real Time
32: QVC
33: Food Network
34: Cine 34
35: Focus
36: RTL 102.5 TV
37: HSE 24
38: Giallo
39: TOP Crime
40: Boing
41: K2
42: Rai Gulp
43: Rai YOYO
44: Frisbee
45: Boing Plus
46: Cartoonito
47: Super!
48: Rai News
49: Spike!
50: Sky TG24
51: Mediaset TGCom24
52: DMAX
53: Italia 53
54: Rai Storia
55: Mediaset Extra
56: Motor Trend
57: Rai Sport+ HD
58: Rai Sport
59: Motor Trend
60: SportItalia
61: Life 120 Channel
62: Donna Sport Tv
63: Zelig Sport
64: Super Tennis
65: Canale 65
66: Italia 2

67: VH1 68: iBox.it
69: Deejay TV
70: Radio Italia TV
82: Svizzera Italiana 82
83: Canale Italia 83
84: Canale Italia 84
100: Test HEVC main10
101: Canale locale
102: Canale locale
103: Canale locale
104: Rete 4
105: Canale 5
106: Italia 1
107: LA7
108: MTV
109: NOVE
120: 20 Mediaset
121: Italia 121
122: ReteCapri
123: Italia Channel
124: Arte Italia 124
125: Arte Italia 125
126: Italia 126
127: Italia 127
128: Gold TV Italia
129: La4 Italia
130: Channel 24
131: ReteItalia
132: Lineagem
133: Juwelo
134: Italia 134
135: Italia 135
136: Italia 136
137: HSE Donna
138: AIR Italia
139: Deluxe
139 140: Linea Italia
141: Italia 141
142: Italia 142
143: Italia 143
144: Orler TV
145: Padre Pio TV
146: Rai Scuola
147: Fire TV
148: Italia 148 / Telesia Tv
149: Capri Casino’
150: Italia 150
152: Mondo Calcio
153: TV 153
154: Italia 154
156: Italia 156

158: Radio Kiss Kiss Tv
159: Italia 159
160: Italia 160
161: Cantando Ballando
162: Canale 162
163: Donna Shopping
164: Shopping Italia
165: Canale 165
166: Mediatext.it
167: R101 TV
168: Tele Moda
170: Italia TV 3
177: Odeon 24
179: Italia TV 2
180: TG Norba 24
200: Test HEVC main10*
221: Alic
157: Radio 105



Prenotate la vostra sveglia chiamando il numero 9 o attraverso il nostro numero WhatasApp, sarà un piacere per il nostro Staff del Ricevimento augurarti un buon risveglio all'orario desiderato. Il servizio è gratuito.

- Riassetto Camera: in ogni camera è disponibile il cartellino "Non disturbare" da agganciare alla maniglia esterna della porta della tua camera per non essere disturbati durante la permanenza in stanza. Il riassetto della camera è previsto entro le ore 15:00. Il nostro staff non provvederà a riassetto della stanza in presenza del cartellino esposto. Nel caso non si desiderasse ricevere telefonate in camera preghiamo di avvisare il nostro Staff del Ricevimento (chiamando l'interno 9 dal telefono della camera o tramithe WhatsApp). 


Frigo bar

Ecco cosa puoi trovare all’interno e il relativo costo:

  Prezzo in Euro
Acqua minerale naturale cl. 50 2,50€
Acqua minerale frizzante cl. 50 2,50€
Birra cl. 33 5,00€
Acqua Tonica cl. 33 4,00€
Coca Cola5 cl. 33 4,00€
Thè al Limone cl. 50 4,00€
Snack dolce gr. 50 4,00€
Snack salato gr. 50 4,00€




Visit Milan aboard a timeless car!
Book your private city tour in a classic Fiat 500 with a professional tour guide driving (English and Italian speaking). Up to 3 people on board, per car.

To book with the discount dedicated to our guests and free hotel pick up, write “IH code” date and time to: info@vintagetour.it WhatsApp: +39 346 8353403

Price lists (Pay on board)
  • Fast Tour: 30 minutes non-stop, €60
  • Slow Tour: 1 hour, 1 stop, €120 (+ 15 minutes free)
  • Central City Tour (MOST WANTED): 2 hours, 2 stops, €200 (+ 15 min. free)
  • BIG Central City Tour: 3 hours, 3 stops, €280 (+ 15 minutes free)


The dream of drive a Ferrari on the track becomes possible!

Use the 10% discount code IHHOTELS10 and book your track experience directly here> https://www.carschoolbox.com/circuiti/
Find the circuit and the most convenient date for your needs.

It is also possible to organize customized events on private dates and team building!

È inoltre possibile organizzare eventi personalizzati in date private e team building!

YesMilano City Pass

Museums, attractions and public transport included in a single APP! YesMilano City Pass, a digital key that opens the doors of Milan to tourists for three days. It allows you to travel for three days on the entire ATM public transport network and book your visit to various attractions. Discover the two versions: Standard and All Inclusive and purchase it in advance directly online so as not to lose priority!


With Open Tour Milan & iH Hotels you can visit the city comfortably, easily and quickly!

Discover all the main tourist attractions on board modern double-decker buses, listen to the audio guide and admire the most symbolic and fascinating places!

If you are in Milan for the first time or simply have the desire to visit it again and discover its beauty from another point of view with the Milan Open Tour, in just a few hours thanks to this bus tour, get on and off whenever you want!





Il Gruppo iH Hotels
Il nostro hostel fa parte della collezione di alberghi e resort iH Hotels, un gruppo alberghiero giovane, presente nelle principali città italiane con una gamma di hotel dalle diverse caratteristiche, perfetti per accogliere e soddisfare ogni tipo di necessità con servizi di alta qualità. Per i clienti business iH Hotels Group propone alberghi situati in luoghi strategici, con spazi adatti all’organizzazione di qualsiasi evento, dalle piccole riunioni al team building, in location facilmente raggiungibili da tutte le zone della città. Per chi viaggia con i bambini, offre la possibilità di soggiornare in strutture con camere adatte alle necessità delle famiglie. Per chi viaggia nel tempo libero, alla scoperta dei luoghi d’arte del Bel Paese e delle sue più belle spiagge, propone hotel e resort nelle migliori mete turistiche, a pochi passi dal centro delle principali città italiane. Per i futuri sposi, inoltre, iH Hotels Group presenta un’ampia scelta di destinazioni tra meravigliose cornici. Ogni albergo targato iH Hotels si contraddistingue per l’eccellenza nell’accoglienza grazie alla passione, all’impegno e alla professionalità di uno staff sempre pronto ad accogliervi. Il gruppo iH Hotels è composto da 26 hotel e resort a 4 e 5 stelle.




iH Hotels Milano Centrale
Via Antonio da Recanate, 4 - 20124 Milano | Italia
Zona Piazza Duca d'Aosta | Stazione Centrale 


Tel: (+39) 02 66703371
(+39) 375 6721071


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Se disponi di una macchina propria, potrai raggiungere l'Hotel tramite Via Regionale e Strada Statale 26 dir della Valle d'Aosta/SS26dir. Oppure puoi spostarti dall'Hotel al centro di Courmayeur mediante i Courmayeur pmb, i trasporti pubblici locali, che collegano il centro del paese con la Val Ferret, in direzione Pre'-saint-didier - s.s. 26.





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iH Hotels Milano Centrale
Via Antonio da Recanate, 4 - 20124 Milano | Italia
Zona Piazza Duca d'Aosta | Stazione Centrale

Tel: (+39) 02 66703371




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