The iH Hotels Forte dei Marmi Logos hosts, in collaboration with the Guidi Museum, exhibitions of artists of national and international fame.

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"A taciturn, trustworthy and shy man, with a body as dry as an olive branch. His eyes, of a clean blue, were tiny, but sometimes they gave off a concentrated, very intense light".

Thus Raffaele Carrieri, a sensitive and attentive poet, described the sculptor Ugo Guidi in his 1969 paper. And he described the sculptor right in his place of work, which was not a workshop or a dusty laboratory as many can be seen downstream of the Apuan Alps, but the garden of his house in Vittoria Apuania, because it was there that his sculptures came to life, between plane trees and pines and poplars.

 Ugo Guidi make his works in this garden.