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Hotel Service



Upon your awakening, a continental and American breakfast service with sea view awaits you. Enriched with international cuisine and local products, the morning breakfast is served from 7:00 to 10:30 every day in the spacious and bright panoramic restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel. But if you prefer the total privacy of your room, browse the menu and order your room service. (with supplement). Contact us directly on whatsapp or from the landline phone number of your room with the number 9 for the Reception or the number 271 to speak directly with the Restaurant.


Caffè Espresso

Espresso dek / Espresso without caffeine 


Caffè americano / American coffee  

Caffè di orzo / Barley coffee                      

Caffè al ginseng / Ginseng coffee   


Cappuccino Dek / Cappuccino without caffeine

Latte caldo / Hot milk(Accadi/lactos free , soia/soya , mandorla/almond, riso/rice)

Latte macchiato / Milk with coffeee

Cioccolata / Chocolate

Spremuta di agrumi / Citrus squash      

Thè e Infusi/ Tea and infusions

Succhi di frutta / Fruit juices 

Crostata all’albicocca o amarena (1,7) / Apricot or black cherry tart

Ciambellone al cioccolato (1,7,8) / Chocolate cake

Croissant / Croissant  integrale (1,3,6,7,8,11) 

Croissant  / whole wheat croissant

Fette biscottate, normali e integrali (1,8)  / Rusks, whole wheat rusks

Muesli (1,6,7,8) 

Frollini / Biscuits (1,3,6,7,8)

Corn flakes (5,8)

Marmellata / Marmelade

Nutella (6,7,8)

Miele / Honey

Frutta secca / dried fruit (5,8) 

Formaggio caciocavallo / Caciocavallo cheese (7) 

Emmental (7)

Prosciutto cotto / Baked ham

Capocollo (P)

Pane  (1,3,6,7,8,11,13) / Pane nero (1,6,7,8,11) 

Bread / Black bread

Pancake con sciroppo d'acero (1,3,7)            

Pancake with marple syrup




On the top floor of the hotel with a special panoramic view of the Bari waterfront, you can enjoy not only the landscape but also all the relaxation you need.

Our swimming pool with whirlpool is at your disposal: here you will also find a sunbeds area and showers to spend a few hours in total tranquility.
Open from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm.

For towels to be used in the swimming pool, contact us directly via whatsApp or with the button n °9 from your room phone.

Your Pet

We are a pet-friendly hotel: your 4-legged friend is welcome here.

Your stay must be communicated to the reception, we also remind you to follow these simple rules for respect for the common areas and other hotel guests.The additional cost for cleaning the room is € 30.00 per day.


The behavior of the animal must be managed by the owner so as not to disturb the other guests.
The owner is responsible for all damage caused to other guests caused by their pet.
The owner is responsible for the repair and/or replacement of all items possibly stained damaged by the animal.
Animals are not allowed to enter or stop in areas where food and drinks are administered. Therefore, access to the breakfast room, restaurants, bars, terraces, areas where there are distributors for food and drinks, whether they are closed rooms or external areas, is not allowed. (the only exception being guide dogs).
Animals cannot access the Meeting Rooms (the only exception being guide dogs).
The use of bed linen and towels for the animal is not allowed (grooming, bedding, or other).
It is not allowed to leave the animals free in the hotel, in other common areas the transit of animals is allowed as long as they are always accompanied and with the obligation to use a leash and equipped with a suitable muzzle, for cats inside a special cage.
Animals cannot be left alone in the rooms during the stay (day and night).
It is not allowed to pick up the animal on the beds, armchairs, chairs, tables, etc. (both in the room and in the common areas).
In the common areas (Hall, Breakfast room; Restaurant room) animals cannot be held in their arms.

The direction



The clothes to be washed and ironed must be perfectly intact and in excellent condition, they must be delivered by 09:30 and will be returned on the day of delivery by 20:00, otherwise on the next working day.
Note: the total number of items must be specified; in the absence of information, the count made by the hotel staff will be considered valid.
The hotel is not responsible for the shrinkage or discoloration of the garments.
The service is not active on Sunday and holidays.


Our exclusive panoramic restaurant, Polvere di Stelle is located on the rooftop terrace of the hotel and offers, in addition to a spectacular view of the seafront, Italian dishes with succulent local specialties.

The name of the iH Restaurant is inspired by a famous Italian film from the 70s, shot in Bari and in particular some scenes right in front of the Grande Albergo delle Nazioni. For to pay homage to the Italian tradition, our dishes are inspired by the territory and are all designed by our chefs also using regional raw materials.

The menu proposals are different every season, so to be discovered and enjoyed every time! The restaurant is also open to external guests, every day for lunch from 12.30 to 14.30 and for dinner from 19.30 to 22.30, with a welcome reservation. We are also waiting for you for an aperitif in the afternoon or for a tasting of after-dinner sweets and bitters.

*In case of allergies or intolerances it is recommended to communicate it in advance.


Lobby Bar

The Risto Bar Nazioni on the ground floor of the hotel, in the hall, offers an elegant sea view for an aperitif or a quick meal. It is open from 10:30 to 24:00. Let yourself be tempted: discover our menu! Contact us directly to find out more with n ° 271 directly from a landline or via Whatsapp.



Area Wellness

In our Wellness Area you can regenerate yourself in a true corner of paradise: an outdoor heated swimming pool with whirlpool and a solarium with panoramic sea views, a fitness area, a sauna and a massage center. The Wellness Area is located on the top floor of the hotel where you will find a space dedicated to wellness and relaxation, ideal for relaxing after a day of work or around the city.
The area has an area dedicated to fitness with modern Tecnogym equipment, an outdoor heated swimming pool with whirlpool, a sauna and a beauty center.
The gym is open every day from 07:00am to 08:00pm.
To complete your stay in beauty, you can book beauty treatments and massages,
Monday: from 12:30 to 20:30 
From Tuesday to Friday: from 14:30 to 20:30 
Saturday and Sunday: from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00
(Access forbidden to children under 14).

Meeting & Conference

The hotel has 4 meeting rooms for each type of event. You will have the opportunity to organize private parties, conventions, small and large gatherings and to add and customize coffee break, aperitifs, buffet lunches, company and gala dinners.

For more information and quotes, contact us directly:


Room Service


More Info

The RECEPTION service is open 24h. room service is available from Monday to Sunday from 7.00 to 22.00.
If you have forgotten some items necessary for your stay in the hotel, contact us and we will provide you free of charge daily: razor and shaving foam, toothbrush and toothpaste, sewing set.
For any additional extra courtesy products, pillows, blankets and towels, we are available to provide them free of charge 24 hours a day.

The room KEY must be carefully kept in case of loss or theft of the key to your room, immediately notify our Reception Staff. The room key must be returned at the time of departure and must not be left in the room. At the exit make sure that the door is closed. If desired, use the internal safety lock on the handle.

The CHECK-OUT time is scheduled for 11:00 but if you need more time, do not hesitate to contact us. To avoid waiting at the time of CheckOut, it is advisable to provide the Reception Staff with the billing data in advance. Do not leave valuables in sight and unattached luggage during check-in / out.

LUGGAGE DEPOSIT service is available for free 24 hours a day. For all information, we are available directly on Whtasapp or by calling from the landline phone of the room with key 9.

Medical Assistance: to receive information on the First Aid and for the Medical Assistance service, contact the Reception using key 9 from the room telephone or via Whatsapp.
Emergency: in case of fire, check the fastest escape route in the plan positioned on the bedroom door. The use of the lift, in this case, is not allowed.

Services & Extra

Book your alarm for waking up by calling 9 or through our Whatsapp number, it will be a pleasure for our Reception Staff to wish you a good awakening at the desired time. The service is free.

Have you forgotten something? The following items are available for free 24 hours a day: razor and shaving foam, toothbrush and toothpaste, sewing set.

Cover Cushions and Towels, and other extra courtesy products are available free of charge 24 hours a day.

Climatization of your room: you can adjust the temperature directly from the thermostat in the room.

Safety deposit box: please do not leave valuables unattended. In your room, you will find a digital combination safe for storing your belongings. Alternatively, you may request to deposit your valuables at the reception safe. The hotel does not assume responsibility for the loss of objects not properly kept.

Room rearrangement: in each room, there is a "Do not disturb" tag to be attached to the external door handle of your room so as not to be disturbed during your stay in the room. The rearrangement of the room is expected by 15:00. Our staff will not rearrange the room in the presence of the tag displayed. If you do not wish to receive calls in the room, please notify our Reception Staff (by calling extension 9 from the room telephone or via WhatsApp).

Guide to the TV Channels

Guide to TV Channels

The TV remote control is available at the Reception
Please refer to the room channel list:

1: Rai 1
2: Rai 2
3: Rai 3
4: Rete 4 HD
5: Canale 5 HD
6: Italia 1
HD 7: LA7
8: TV8
10: Canale locale
11: Canale locale
12: Canale locale
13: Canale locale
14: Canale locale
15: Canale locale
16: Canale locale
17: Canale locale
18: Canale locale
19: Canale locale
20: 20 Mediaset
21: Rai 4
22: IRIS
23: Rai 5
24: Rai Movie
25: Rai Premium
26: Cielo
27: Paramount Network
28: TV 2000
29: LA7D
30: La5
31: Real Time
32: QVC
33: Food Network
34: Cine 34
35: Focus
36: RTL 102.5 TV
37: HSE 24
38: Giallo
39: TOP Crime
40: Boing
41: K2
42: Rai Gulp
43: Rai YOYO
44: Frisbee
45: Boing Plus
46: Cartoonito
47: Super!
48: Rai News
49: Spike!
50: Sky TG24
51: Mediaset TGCom24
52: DMAX
53: Italia 53
55: Mediaset Extra


56: Motor Trend
57: Rai Sport+ HD
58: Rai Sport
59: Motor Trend
60: SportItalia
61: Life 120 Channel
62: Donna Sport Tv
63: Zelig Sport
64: Super Tennis
65: Canale 65
66: Italia 2
67: VH1 68:
69: Deejay TV
70: Radio Italia TV
82: Svizzera Italiana 82
83: Canale Italia 83
84: Canale Italia 84
100: Test HEVC main10
101: Canale locale
102: Canale locale
103: Canale locale
104: Rete 4
105: Canale 5
106: Italia 1
107: LA7
108: MTV
109: NOVE
120: 20 Mediaset
121: Italia 121
122: Rete Capri
123: Italia Channel
124: Arte Italia 124
125: Arte Italia 125
126: Italia 126
127: Italia 127
128: Gold TV Italia
129: La4 Italia
130: Channel 24
131: Rete Italia
132: Lineagem
133: Juwelo
134: Italia 134
135: Italia 135
136: Italia 136
137: HSE Donna
138: AIR Italia
139: Deluxe
139 140: Linea Italia
141: Italia 141
142: Italia 142
143: Italia 143
144: Orler TV
145: Padre Pio TV
146: Rai Scuola

147: Fire TV
148: Italia 148 / Telesia Tv
149: Capri Casino’
150: Italia 150
152: Mondo Calcio
153: TV 153
154: Italia 154
156: Italia 156
157: Radio 105
158: Radio Kiss Kiss Tv
159: Italia 159
160: Italia 160
161: Cantando Ballando
162: Canale 162
163: Donna Shopping
164: Shopping Italia
165: Canale 165
167: R101 TV
168: Tele Moda
170: Italia TV 3
177: Odeon 24
179: Italia TV 2
180: TG Norba 24
200: Test HEVC main10*
221: Alice
222: Marcopolo
223: Alice
224: Marcopolo
225: 249TV
228: Tesory Channel
229: LA7d 230:
232: Canale 232
234: Entertainment Fact
235: Rainbow
240: Genius 240
241: France 24
242: La242
243: Tv 243
245: Parole di vita
247: Capri Fashion
248: Sfera Tv
249: 249Tv
251: Pianeta TV
258: Radiofreccia
259: Canale 259
264: Radio Cusano Campus
266: Radio Zeta
267: VH1
270: Tv Uno
275: Canale Italia 3 Extra
278: Canale Italia 6
401: Nitegate
402: Sextosenso
403: Satisfaction


Mini Bar

Here is what you can find inside and its cost:

  Price in Euro


Get a surprise

Do you want to surprise your sweetheart or give an unexpected gift to the person of your heart? Now you can do it directly with us! If you want to find a floral gift in your room, a bottle of wine or prosecco, fruit or chocolates (or biscuits), our staff will be happy to order them for you. Furthermore, on request, it is possible to have a personalized greeting card in the room, or take advantage of the Welness Area to organize a romantic surprise! Contact us directly or on whatsapp to organize your surprise! The cost will be charged directly to the room.

Things To Do

Experiences with local artisans
The best way to discover the real Puglia? Through its local artisans!
Loliv offers authentic and immersive experiences aimed at encouraging people to meet and enhancing the uniqueness of the place.
You can try your hand at making mozzarella or modeling clay on the lathe together with the artisans to immerse yourself in the Apulian culture and traditions.
Visit the website to discover all the culinary and artistic experiences, communicating - at the time of booking - that you are staying in our iH Hotels: you will receive a 10% discount.

Shopping On Line

Do you want to go shopping? Only for our guests a special discount from CITYMODA
Treat yourself or give away an accessory or an item of clothing in the latest fashion: visit the website and by entering the code IHOTELS5 you will immediately get a 10% + 5% discount on all items new collection and an extra 5% discount on promotional items and fixed prices (marked with a yellow label). What are you waiting for? Take advantage of it now!
If, on the other hand, you want to go to the store to try, touch and have more opportunities, the personal shoppers are waiting for you in the two CITYMODA BARI offices.

Centro area (a few steps from the hotel)
Via Melo n. 131
70121 Bari
Tel: (+39) 0809685017

Retail park S.Caterina
Traversa Martiri delle Foibe n. 6/4
70124 BARI (BA)
Tel: (+39) 0809685013


Useful Info


About Us

About us

The iH Hotels Grande Albergo delle Nazioni in Bari is located in a building that represents an important testimony of the monumental twentieth century of the thirties. A palace of great architectural value located among the most historic monuments of the Bari waterfront. Designed by the architect Alberto Calza Bini as a representative palace, inspired by the aesthetic contents of futurist art, inaugurated in 1935 on the occasion of the VII edition of the Fiera del Levante, it has been declared a historical heritage by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage. In 1957 the large hall became the seat of the Circular Theater and in the seventies it was chosen as the film set for the film Polvere di Stelle with Alberto Sordi and Monica Vitti. In June 2012, following an important renovation, the building reopens to the public recovering its historic role as a hotel with a renewed image that transforms it into a luxury 5-star hotel and is thus returned to the city.

iH Hotels Group

Our hostel is part of the iH Hotels brand collection (hotels and resorts), a young hotel group, present in the main Italian cities with a range of hotels with different characteristics, perfect for welcoming and satisfying every type of need with high-quality services. For business customers, the iH Hotels Group offers hotels located in strategic locations, with spaces suitable for organizing any event, from small meetings to team building, in locations that are easily accessible from all areas of the city. For those traveling with children, it offers the possibility of staying in structures with rooms suitable for the needs of families. For those who travel in their free time, discovering the art places of the Bel Paese and its most beautiful beaches, it offers hotels and resorts in the best tourist destinations, a few steps from the center of the main Italian cities. Furthermore, for future spouses, the iH Hotels Group presents a wide choice of destinations among wonderful frames: with iH Wedding, you will discover dream locations and a complete series of services to organize an unforgettable wedding. Each hotel-branded iH Hotels is characterized by excellence in hospitality thanks to the passion, commitment, and professionalism of staff always ready to welcome you. The iH Hotels group is made up of 26 4 and 5-star hotels and resorts.


We Take Care of You

Safety first: we have adopted all necessary precautions, respecting the recommendations received from the relevant bodies.

All iH Hotels Group employees have received and constantly receive detailed guidelines. Specific cleaning, hygiene, and sanitizing measures have been adopted in all our facilities:

– rigorous sanitization of rooms, bars, restaurants, common areas, in particular, all flat surfaces and contact points (door handles, elevators, reception counters, common bathrooms, conference rooms, etc.);

– hand sanitizers positioned in the contact areas of the Guests;

– thermometers available at receptions to conduct body temperature checks on request;

– supply of medical masks and gloves for our Guests and collaborators on request;

– specialized training of our collaborators to ensure knowledge and compliance with hygiene and safety protocols.




iH Hotels Bari Grande Albergo delle Nazioni
Lungomare Nazario Sauro, 7
70121 Bari (BA) Italia
Tel: +39 080 5920111
Whatsapp: +39 080 5920811  



To reach the historic center of Bari, continue on foot with a walk for about 10 minutes along the Lungomare Nazario Sauro.

For the famous shopping streets (via Sparano and via Argiro) walk for about 10 minutes (800mt).

The Bari Centrale railway station is about 1 km from the hotel.

To reach the international airport of Bari Karol Wojtyla (11 Km) you can request a transfer for a fee; or by public transport take the FR2 tramway from Bari Central Station to the airport (last stop)


Parcking and Car Valet

The hotel does not have a private garage but offers the possibility of using a covered paying car park. It is located near the hotel, about 200 meters in Corso Sonnino, and offers a 24h car valet service at a cost of € 25 / € 30 per day. To collect the car, you must contact us with at least 15 minutes' notice (also via whatsapp). Contact our reception for more information.

Digital Service


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