Hotel for Monza GP

Hotel GP Formula 1 Monza

6th-8th September 2019, at Monza Eni Circuit


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Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix is ​​one of the historical races of the Formula 1 Championship and this year it reaches its 90th edition. Most of the races took place at the Monza national circuit, built in 1922 north of Milan. This important automotive event was hosted in other Italian cities only on 5 occasions, so it is especially associated with the Monza circuit.

Monza racetrack

The Monza racetrack, or Monza Eni Circuit, is recognized as the "temple of speed" in Italy and is located in the Monza Park. Since its inception, it has hosted the Formula 1 races and in the past and it has seen the two wheels race with the Grand Prix of Nations of the World Championship. The construction of the structure was established in 1922 by the Automobile Club of Milan, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary of birth.

The Monza circuit is currently the fastest track in the Formula 1 racing championship, in fact here, during the 2005 qualifying practice, Kimi Räikkönen set the absolute record on the track with a time of 1'19''119 and a speed average of 263 km/h (although the record is not official as it was not done during the race).

The characteristics of the track bring the single-seaters over 350 km/h, so the races held here are distinguished by the considerable technical difficulty, in which the ability of the driver during braking is decisive for victory.

Events at the national racetrack

The Monza racetrack is not only a popular destination for lovers of motor racing and speed, in fact the structure is also used for other types of events, such as concerts, marathons and cycling, in fact, it was also the starting point or arrival point of a stage of the Giro d'Italia.

In 1989 Pink Floyd played here, in the presence of 60,000 people.