tour in monopattino elettrico - iH Hotels Roma Z3

Eco-friendly experiences in Rome

Esperienze eco friendly a Roma

Discover Rome in an alternative and sustainable way on scooter!

The electric micro-mobility vehicles are available in the Capital City in shared mode: a fleet of shared scooters to be able to visit Rome in an ecological way, quickly and without too much effort!

In fact, the scooter is a fun and dynamic vehicle that gives great satisfaction in moving around the Eternal City, both for adults and children. The experience of an electric scooter tour offers the opportunity to have a complete overview of the main monuments of Rome and enjoy the city 100% in an eco-sustainable way.

One of the tours we suggest to our guests, starting from the iH Hotels Roma Z3, is towards the Parco dell'Aniene Nature Reserve where you can find a route for two wheels, or you can try the new cycle path in via Nomentana - Villa Torlonia height - up to Villa Borghese.

For those who are already in the center, however, we suggest a walk that starts from Piazza della Repubblica, passing through Santa Maria degli Angeli and the baths of Diocletian, arriving at the park of Castel Sant’Angelo.

Taking a small detour from Via Nazionale, you can slightly lengthen the journey to admire the Rome Opera House and then pass in front of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Trajan's Markets and reach Piazza Venezia in front of the majestic Altare della Patria.

Absolutely not to be missed are the evening tours, especially in spring or in the beautiful autumn season, to admire the Eternal City and discover its history and its enviable artistic beauties more closely.


How does it work

To use the scooters you must first download the free Apps of the chosen supplier and activate the geolocation of your device. At that moment, a map will be displayed on your smartphone indicating the free and available vehicles (for example near the iH Hotels Roma Z3) and the battery charge level. Some also indicate the number of km that can be covered with the scooter before it runs out. The cost of the service varies according to the operators and is usually calculated on the time of use, some with special subscription formulas.


The rules of sustainable electric mobility

Riding electric scooters within a city is no longer a problem: thanks to the new regulations, vehicles with power not exceeding 500 W and with a maximum speed of 20km / h are officially comparable to bicycles. So no license plate, insurance or helmet obligation for those who want to use electric scooters in sharing.


Getting around Rome in an alternative and sustainable way is no longer just a dream: so don't miss the opportunity to visit the Eternal City with shared electric scooters. And from the historic center you can reach our 4-star iH Hotels in Rome directly and easily.