itinerari alternativi per scoprire Roma

5 unusual things to see in Rome

itinerari alternativi per scoprire Roma
Here are five unusual and free places to admire the great beauty of the Eternal City, easily accessible from our iH Hotels.

For an alternative and original tour of Rome, totally free, follow our advice and finally choose the most suitable hotel for your travel style. During your holiday in the Eternal City, following our travel tips, you will be able to discover curious and little-known places that you may never have had the opportunity to see before.

For this summer in Italy, get back in the art and beauty of the Bel Paese, letting yourself be inspired by unusual paths through the streets of the capital, both on foot and by bicycle.

Discover all!

Casina delle Civette

Casina delle Civette Roma

A place that you certainly don't know, or that perhaps you haven't yet seen during your last trip to Rome, is Villa Torlonia. It is an unusual place to visit in the capital but which in our opinion could be an excellent starting point for organizing your next holiday in the eternal city. Inside the park of the Villa there is the Museum of the Casina delle Civette, hidden by an artificial hill and a green garden full of plants and flowers: it is one of the hidden beauties of the city. Its name derives from the recurring decorations of owls both on the windows and in the majolica. Rome is full of great beauty but if you are looking for not the usual cultural itineraries, this location could be your next destination!

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Acquedotto Claudio

Acquedotto Claudio Roma

The Claudio aqueduct, the eighth Roman aqueduct in chronological order, was one of the most important aqueducts in ancient Rome, both for the avant-garde technologies used in the construction, and for the considerable labor effort, both for the size of the expenses incurred to make it. Visit the park map and discover all the attractions! The map is interactive and has been developed to work on any device: computer, tablet and smartphone. Also take advantage of the geolocation function for mobile devices and explore the entire area without getting lost and finding the monuments you prefer in a practical way!

If you want to comfortably visit the Claudio Aqueduct and discover the surroundings, the iH Hotels Roma La Mela is the right hotel for your trip to the eternal city.

Flight of steps via Magnanapoli

La scalinata di via Magnanapoli
There is certainly some detail of the eternal city that you have not yet carefully seen. Do you want to know how to have a suggestive view of Trajan's Column? Simple: from the steps of via Magnanapoli in the Rione Trevi! There are various legends about the name "Magnanapoli", but no thesis appears secure and convincing. The only one could be the theory that the term derives from a spa located in the area and called "Balnea Pauli", then transformed into "Balnea Napoli" and subsequently into "Magnanapoli". From the staircase in via Magnanapoli you immediately reach the Trajan's Markets, now home to the Museum of the Imperial Forums, another stop not to be missed!

To better explore the area, choose to stay in the elegant iH Hotels Roma dei Borgia in the Monti district a few steps from via Nazionale.

Optic effect Via Niccolò Piccolomini

Via Niccolò Piccolomini Roma
If you want to see the eternal city from another point of view, then you cannot not go to this special place! There is a road from which there is an extraordinary optical effect: from via Niccolò Piccolomini (in the Aurelio district) to Rome, in fact, the dome of St. Peter's Basilica has a completely different perspective! The closer you get, the more the structure will seem to go away in your eyes. A magic or a little mystery that not everyone knows! This optical illusion can be experienced with a walk along the Via Piccolomini, or with any means of transport. The view of the dome of San Pietro, in reality, is an indescribable beauty from any other area of Rome, but this location also lends itself well for wonderful sunset photos!

And in order to quickly reach the famous street of optical illusion with a view of the Cupolone, stay comfortably at the iH Hotels Roma Cicerone.

Clivus Argentarius

Clivus Argentarius
The Clivus Argentarius is an ancient road in Rome that ran halfway up the slopes of the Capitol, behind the Forum of Caesar. The word "clivus" means a very steep slope road. the street led to the "Argentarium" shops or the money changers (the Argentarii) whose shops overlooked this street. This is why you should visit it: a portion of basoli remains which starts from the square in front of the Tulliano Prison just outside the archaeological area of the Roman Forum and arrives at the entrance of the Central Museum of the Risorgimento behind the Vittoriano. It is a characteristic place, which not everyone knows and therefore not too crowded. Ideal for taking a nice panoramic photo of one of Rome's hidden peculiarities.

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